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What companies are doing to engage with their customers.

Wet Seal Inc is a brick and mortar company and had been in business since 1962. To expand and give their online shopper a better experience they made an ecommerce online retail store and turned to Quest Software. They also launched with iPhone application to create a cross-channel strategy to express the same shopping experience online like in- stores. Using mobile and social media has helped them increase their ROI by a 21% increase in revenue.

Wet Seal have learned that mobile interaction is very important to reach the audience they want by engaging through their mobile devices and providing an easier way to shop at any time. Most of their users are young teenagers that want to be tapped into the latest fashion on real time. This give the user a chance to find their favorite items that are in style and research what others are saying by reading the products reviews. Having this available helps the user make decision on purchasing it or not on what others had said.  They have created a smart phone app so consumer could opt-in and receive a personal shopping experience. This gives the shopper to login to thousands of suggested outfits and styles they can choose from. Wet Seal had created a community on their site where consumers can become a fan and share their outfits to other users and receive customer reviews. This idea helps increase sells among each other because of suggestions and approval on the decisions of fashion style. Even though Wet Seal have multiple ways to interact with the audience by shopping online and through a mobile application. I think Wet Seal have a lot more to consider when using the mobile devices and increase engagement and interactivity with theirs consumers.

Some ideas Wet Seal could learn from Moosejaw Company is the way they capitalize and integrate text tools to handled their customer service. Wet Seal have master the social media and mobile integration in a way others retail company should have. I feel they have done a very well job giving their consumers’ a comfortable and pleasant experience finding what they are looking for and how reach the fashion when needed. Wet Seals also has giving their customer an easy way to be connected with the application where they can locate a store near them at anytime. Even though they have that in place they still have opportunity to interact with their audience and users through texting. Just like Moosejaw has done they are able to add texting for existing ordering, shipping and customer services processing. This will communicate directly to the customer mobile updating them about their order. Texting can be used to inform the customer about their tracking number the shipping process and any problems that may occur. Communicating with text will increase customer’s satisfactions and most important they will become evangelist for the company.

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