Looking for an Opportunity
What feels right!


You are reading correctly. Many people are thinking of buying or selling, but not well educated. People are too busy to sit down and find out about the opportunities that are in the market.

Yes! I am talking to you. Here are some changes that had accrued in the housing market.Congress has approved the Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit. They had extended from November 30, 2009 up to April 30, 2010.

So if you are thinking of purchasing call your agent today and start looking for your new homes.There are some great prices that vary but would blow you away. Could have you paying less on a mortgage than rent. The only way you would know is by getting approved.

Just think about it? Lets take advantage of all these deals!

One of our customers went out on Sunday and found a great home in Clermont, FL.It was a 3bedroom, 2bath 1600sq (square footage) beautiful starter home. Our customer made an offer for $85,000 and they counters back on Wednesday for $90,000. Both parties accepted the deal. Now, just waiting for bank to approval it and close the deal.  There are so many deals in the market you just need to find and search in you desire area.

The deadline for first time and repeat buyers must have a sale binding written contract signed by April 30 and close by June 30,2010.

So let get moving………Time flies! There is money available!

The maximum allowed credit for a first-time homebuyer is $8,000 or that equal to 10% of the home’s purchase price. This is only applied to home only priced from $800.000 or less.

The $8,000 tax credit is for first-time homebuyers only. The IRS defines a first-time homebuyer as someone who has not owned a principal residence during the 3-year period prior to the purchase.

The properties that are eligible for the Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit would be applied to primary residences, including single-family homes, condos and townhouses.

For buyers to get the benefits apply for the credit on your 2009 tax returns, filed on or before April 15,2010; File an amended 2009 return; or apply the credit on their 2010 return, filed on or before April 15,2011

For more information go to http://www.Realtor.com

Now, the maximum amount for a move-up/repeat homebuyer tax credit is $6,500, which equal to 10% of the home purchase price.

To be eligible and claim for the tax credit, buyers must have owned and lived in their previous home for five consecutive years out of the last years.

The tax credit does not have to be repaid unless the home ceases to become the primary residence within three year.

Also this applies only for homes priced at $800.00 or less.

To find out more information on how to get a pre-approval!Visit http://www.partnerssfcu.org

And for full requirements go to http://www.federalhousingtaxcredit.com


Either way right now is the best time to rent or purchase. The renting market at the moment is excellent to negotiate on what you desire to pay.  The prices for homes are extremely reasonable for the square footage and locations.

Last week, I had to show some condos for rental in the South East Orlando area. The clients’ budget was $700 and believe it or not you can receive great prices for rentals nowadays. We went to see a 2bedroom, 2bath condo it was about 1,222 sqft (square feet) really spacious with lots of space. The community was very clean and taken care of also it was very quiet. The property was very close to shopping centers, gas stations, the airport, and the expressway. Very convenient for someone that is relocating from another city. For the neighborhood and the asking price was a phenomenal deal, but sometimes the customer does not acknowledge that. Many times, I find myself educating customers about the locations and prices, informing them about the differences on zip codes and area. These factors are very, very important to look at because prices fluctuate depending on the neighborhoods. Most of the time customers feel like they know it all and do not want to listen. Does that happen to you? Well, they learn on their own when they procrastinate on the deal and think is going to be there later on.  They find out the deal is pending or sold because someone saw the opportunity and made an offer. It happens everyday, some learn and others don’t.

When I see a great deal I say jump on it, but most people think there is something better. So guess what? When they think that way they lose. Is an everyday battle helping people to think differently because they think they know what they need to know, but at the end they miss out on the deals for thinking there is something else better. In Real Estate when you find a great price in a great location take it or someone will!

Something to remember if you enjoy a property and still want to keep looking secure it, so it gives you time to search other properties but still have the property on hold just in case.  If you find another unit well you can always go back inform them you have changed your mind.  It is all about options and playing it safe.

This also works when purchasing a home if you look at ten homes, and you want to put multiple offers you can do that. That is playing it safe and smart. If you fall in love with one particular property, and put all your hopes, dreams on one property you do not have any other options to play with.  At the end if it does not go through you have limited your choices and have to start all over again. Putting your eggs all in one basket will take up more time then what you expected, and delay the process. Many times you have to deal with short sale approval, bank owned properties or any other issues that relates to the property. This process could take from 30days up to four months it all depends on the bank that has the property.

For example, I am working with a customer that has been waiting for an approval on a short sale for five months. Neither answer nor progress we had to take action and find another property, which we did and it was a better price with a pool. We made an offer and expecting to close in the next month.

So what am I trying to stay well educate yourself on the market you are looking at to relocate. This will give you an idea on the prices you are looking for, but also it gives you an idea on what numbers you can start negotiating with. Never put your all in one property make multiply offers and wait on responses then make your final decisions.

Here is a great link from Orlando Regional Realtor Association that educates you on each month sales and progress in the Orlando, Fl market.


It is like buying groceries for the week and keeping yourself on a budget. You want to know what to expect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So taking your time and choosing the right foods within the right price range matters.  I like to compare it to food well because I love food. Not only that, but also looking for the right foods that will keep you healthy and happy always matters. Food and your home are very personal but also have a huge impact on the way you live life.

Searching for the right home is crucial everyone needs a place to go home after a long hard day at work. Finding a home to relax where you have access feeling peaceful and call it your palace.  A home to feel comfortable where your able to breath, be yourself and be in your own world. It is an important aspect of your life, a place to express style, emotions and thoughts.  It is your environments to share with those that you chose to be there with you. Everything matters!

It all starts from the kitchen where you in vision yourself cooking meals, decorating, and taking care of family nutrients.  The dining room to enjoy your meals and have great conversations with your love ones, also imaging the living room to enjoy the super bowl, movies, cartoons with the kids, or maybe a comedy to simmer down your mind and enjoy some laughs. Everything matter!

Most important a large spacious bathroom to release stress and get ready for your restless night. Cannot have one of those, without a cozy master bedroom. Where you allow yourself to be vulnerable to lay your head down for a peaceful, quiet, sleep!


My name is Madeline Yau, I have been in the Orlando area for 12years watching it grow and expand into a beautiful place to call home. Well, I created this blog to meet new people that are thinking of relocating to Orlando,Fl. Now, I know needing some assistance to find your dream home will always come in handy, also finding the right location for your special desire will make the process quick and easy .  Maybe your looking for a new rental or wanting to buy your new home who know unless you inform someone to help you . Making that decision can be very stressful but also exciting at the same time.