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Learn a little about me !

Hello People, My name is Madeline and I am originally from Rochester, NY. I grow up their and graduated from East High School in 2000, my mom moved down to Orlando, Fl to change environment and life style. Like I mentioned before I have been in Orlando, Fl for twelve years. It has not been easy moving somewhere you do not have family or you do not like, but sometime a change is a great thing to grow to a better person. Living in Orlando, Fl have made me to focus on what really matters and no matter how many times you may fail keep pushing forward. I had my own business located in Winter Park, Fl at age 21years old promoting for the Orlando Ice coupon books. It was an advertising firm, I managed it for a year and moved on to the Real Estate field. I worked as a Leasing Consultant for an apartment complex for a year and decided to put myself through school. I wanted something with great pay and flexibility to accomplish to take care of my son and my classes so I went in the mortgage field as a loan office. This made it possible for me to graduate from Herzing University with a Associate in Business with a 3.0GPA also was honored to be the Student of the Year. That was pretty cool! After graduation I focused on my one and only passion “Real Estate” with all the obstacles and challenges I am still here wanting to help others in whatever I can. I work in downtown Windermere, Fl as an assistance for a Realtor and very good friend also I am Account Executive for a Title Company that does all our closing.


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