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How Can Online Disinhibition Effect our Pockets!


Working in Real Estate Market in the Orlando area I have seen many changes happen in the rental industry.  As a leasing consultant I speak with many prospects that are going through foreclosures, short sales and banks owner homes.  They feel like there is no hope and starting from scratch can all be overwhelming.


I am currently taking Media and Society course in Full Sail University for my degree on Internet Marketing.  I am have learned some great theories that happens on our everyday lives.  For example we all work on marketing ourselves through craigslist, eproperties, MLS, Facebook and twitter to increase visibility but most important to generate more leads for our properties.


As professionals that we want to become it is very important to look at this theory and work on improving ourselves to give better services to increase our leases and sales for our properties.


Online Disinhibition is a theory that we tent to practice, but don’t know we are doing it.  This theory is when we tent to become invisible through an online form like through e-mail, text or a social media.  We get so caught up with our present prospect that we forget about the prospect that is looking to rent or buy in a month or two.


We lack on focusing on following up with the prospect that are looking for a couple of months from now.  We may disappear from a conversation due to our schedule or not pay attention to there needs and interest.  If you are aware that you practice this you can improve your actions and become the person you want to be through every form of technology.


As marketers in the Real Estate field we come across many people that act and communicate differently through cyberspace that wouldn’t ordinarily say or do face-to-face. We must keep that in mind when trying to satisfy there needs and finding out their interest. They loosen up, feel more uninhibited, express themselves more openly through e-mail because they are not face- to–face with you yet so they feel like they don’t have anything to loose. This effect people way of communication and opening up more with their secret emotions, fears, wishes.


This can also happen through a conversation we might be having with someone that is interest in renting or buying.  They show you they interest and have a consistent dialog with you then they disappear or act totally different when you ask them to set an appointment.  We have all been there.


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One Response to “How Can Online Disinhibition Effect our Pockets!”

  1. I have seen this happen when I contact prospect through e-mail and we speak for awhile then they disappear or act totally different. Also when I get talk to someone on the phone then we start communicating through e-mail they act totally differently online. Great Post!

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