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Has Mobile Marketing Trends Changed The Way Companies Advertise?

Many companies have notice that consumers are more interactive and self-sufficient towards social networking and mobile advertising. In 2006, Yahoo came out with a test of keywords- based advertisement for mobile phone and other portable devices for user searches. The trial was created to cover the United State and the UK and to expand to Japan. When the testing mobile was taken in place just a small market existed, but as time went by businesses are realizing how important is to interact with their audience. The marketing and advertising has been simplified in a way for companies to learn and find the right way to reach their demographic in a detailed and personal way. Being able to collect information from the users has helped mobile marketing to increase in a way that was not available back then.

Mobile Advertising as changed the way companies need to reach their demographics and what types of messages to delivered with their audience. Time has changed with T.V commercials, Newspapers articles and radio announcements.  Everything with mobile marketing is about the audience interest, feedback and behaviors helping the connection process. Many of these changes have influenced in a positive way to help companies increase the numbers of people interacting with their promotions or any other services. Mobile advertising has created a different trend to communicate effectually with the right message to the right group. The numbers of mobile usage has increased, which has forced businesses to learn in depth how individual utilize their mobile device and communicate with them.

With traditional advertising decreasing businesses had to accept the changes and think out the box when considering advertising to a certain group. Newspapers in 2008 and 2009 were down 16 and 15 percent respectively, radio was off 5 and 12 percent and TV went down about 10 to 15 percent they all suffered someway or another.

Mobile has opened many avenues for companies to reach their audience in a personal way. All these positive ways of marketing to a specific group was not available before mobile or social media came along. Traditional advertising was not close enough to exceed what mobile has done. There is so many ways to target to the audience, for example companies advertise on Google, so they could get in front of their users and share their promotions and announcement frequently.

Mobile Advertising has increase with more mobile users utilizing texting; the web and apps. These have made it available for the audience to be connected at all time. This new trend has made it easier for consumers to receive information they search for, but also help companies to focus on the right groups of people they want to advertise too.

With mobile ecommerce developing it has assist companies to reach all existing members that have signed up for more information on their services or products. This has given companies an opportunity to advertise directly to the audience that might be interested in their special offers or promotions.

Mobile ecommerce is growing daily because of the convenience provided with shopping, searching and checking banking information at any place, anytime and anywhere. Mobile has spoiled the users to find what they want with a touch of a button. Bank has created an app for their account holders to download and receive balance, deposit or any other transaction about their accounts. Mobile users are growing rapidly with about 50% of users taking advantage of mobile banking. This gives the person an immediate response on what they have available and advising the account holder to stay balanced with their accounts. This allows consumers to locate the closet ATM, and also gives options to include mobile bill pay.

Even though there are many positive with the new trends of mobile advertising and marketing but we have to look at some negative that might raise red flag. All mobile devices are all personalize providing the user with flexibility finding what the need in seconds. Having so much personal information available like emails, social media and contact numbers can be very scary if the phone gets stolen or lost. Some concerns would be how much information to add into the device to protect privacy and hope it does not get to the wrong hands that would want to harm the person. For professional like lawyers that have their e-mails available with one touch and receive important information from clients is very crucial to keep it safe and not in the wrong hands.

Another factor that I have looked closely would be when checking into some places like StarBucks and Planet Fitness. These places have it set up where it automatically shows your friend’s on Facebook walls letting them know where are you located. It’s a great idea, but just too much information to know where I am at all times. How about if you wouldn’t want anybody to know where you are located. Another concern with mobile advertising would be when people are able to opt-in to their personal banking account. Having it available when mobile is being used it opens varies security questions come across the mind and hoping it won’t be hacked in any way.

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