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Would companies be successful with mobile couponing?

Do you think companies would be as success transforming to mobile couponing? What do you think about this?

One company that started the change would be JcPenney. I feel that JcPenny will definitely find success with “mobile couponing” for many reasons. In the pass many have waited for the weekend newspapers to take advantage of all the discounts and coupons. Now with mobile couponing it makes it so easy to look for the coupon as they shop and not worry about forgetting it or going to customer service to pick one up.

AT&T has taken this idea and ran with it providing their customers to enjoy shopping and saving money at the same time. It’s called a Shop Alert, which gives you the chance to opt in and get geo-located when walking into a store. Shop Alert will send them all the coupons that are available to use at the store they just entered. This would help the stores sales increasing and help customer receive a better shopping experience. The best thing about Shop Alert is that customer can turn it on or off whenever they chose to.

I think mobile coupons does matter in this time of age everyone is connected in some way or form. I’m connected all day through my phone giving me the opportunity to comment on my Facebook page with friends, colleagues and many responses are from their phones as well. So that being said people would love to receive some types of coupons frequently to help them receive deals on lunch specials, dinners or any other brands and products.


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