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Digital Couponing would it change the market?

I recently read a blog about digital couponing and the concern rather or not brand names products would be chosen for cheaper products or services. Well, I think having digital couponing available online will not cause consumers to forsake on any brand name products over cheaper products or services. The reason I say this is because if someone has a favorite store and shops regularly this give the company an opportunity to send out promotions or coupons. I have my favorite stores and they always send me coupons to use for my next purchase this helps me save money and buy my outfits for new season.

Digital coupons have grown over the years and have been out doing the newspapers. Many readers have switched from picking up the paper to visiting the site this helps reader save time and money. With this kind of change about $850 million dollars have been saved from the print coupon. Many readers like the idea to get online and find coupons studied says from 2007 to 2008 coupons saving has grown more than 130%. People like convenience and saving time to with coupon.com they are able to receive all types of discounts that everyone in the family can enjoy. The average demographic of digital coupon clipping would a household of an average of $97,000 income, one-third are college educated this group are more interested in several things like pizza and quick-serve restaurants. This helps companies engage with them and continue sending them what they are interested in building loyal customers.

A blog was posted last week about the new way of saving. Many people are getting in the habit of finding coupons for everything they need. Because of the economy and the way it has been many have found a new way of finding what they need and has helped many in their tough times. Last year the coupons that was used the most was cereal. I believe it because I am a cereal lover as well and saving a buck a two will always help breakfast be more enjoyable.

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