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Believe it or Not Discrimination still exist.

Wow, watching this video has made me realize what still goes on with some people in the Real Estate market. Believe or not, but there is still discrimination that happens in the housing market. The worse part people don’t even know it’s happening to them.  This can occur in some apartment complex or in some Real estate offices with some agents. While searching for a new place or buying a house can be frustrating and difficult finding the right agent can be too. Interview some agents in your hometown and find the right one that fits your needs and personality, remember they our working for you. Sometime is hard to realize what is discrimination but some cases involve race, family size, culture and status.

If you feel like someone is steering you in another direction be very careful and ask your self why? Having a Real Estate agent can educate you on analysis on sales, foreclosures or short sale of the neighborhood that will help you make that final decision on your investment. Otherwise if you feel you have had some kind of discrimination contact your fair housing department near by they will be able to work on your behalf about the situations. Lets fight for pleasant and enjoyable experience when finding that right home.


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